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Canister Vacuums Review

Why Get a Canister Vacuum?

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, your carpet and furniture require as much upkeep as anything. Floors become stained with food crumbs and dirt gets tracked in from muddy shoes. Purchasing a vacuum thus becomes a priority in any home to ensure floors and furniture alike maintain some semblance of cleanliness in busy home. While any vacuum can do the trick of picking up crumbs, a canister vacuum extends the usability of your cleaning tools to a variety of new functions and locations. Three of the popular canister vacuums are the Dyson DC39 Multi-FloorEureka Pet Lover 3684F and the Sebo Airbelt K2.

Canister Vacuums: What to Look For

Canister vacuum cleaners clean a wide range of surfaces, and some devices specialize in certain areas. Make sure to find the type of cleaner best suited to your household. If you have pets, then you'll need a vacuum designed to pick up animal hair in abundance and remove pet dander. If you have hardwood and carpeted floors, you'll need a multi-floor vacuum. These, in addition to the following factors, should be considered when reading canister vacuum cleaner reviews.

Standard upright vacuums, while fine for carpets, struggle to adequately clean non-carpet surfaces. When it comes to hardwood, tile and even vinyl floors, small canister vacuums excel. Thanks to the far-reaching wands and attachments, you can utilize this device for dealing with crannies and crevices on a floor.

Thanks to their lightweight designs and easy-pivot cleaner heads, canister vacuums are ideally suited to cleaning stairs. And you don't have to worry about the bulk and resistance associated with upright vacuums, instead having the freedom to bend, twist and turn around the many obstacles of furniture in a home.

Bagless or Bagged
The standard bagless canister vacuum sucks up debris into a plastic compartment that is reusable. Rather than having to throw out a full bag and replace it with another one, you need only pop open the lid and empty its contents into the trash can. The bagless option proves a money saving strategy over the long term, though it invariably carries with it the risk of accidentally emptying a pile of debris onto your newly cleaned floor.

Each canister vacuum carries with it a warranty to protect against the possibility of manufacturer defects and malfunctions while in use. The warranty period is an invaluable resource guaranteeing your investment in a cleaning device. However, each warranty specifies the kind of maintenance you need to exercise to ensure the proper care of your vacuum. Failure to follow these conditions results in voiding the warranty.

Understanding the diversity and capabilities of canister vacuums isn't rocket science, though it is important to know what device will best aid you in keeping your home clean. Simply performing this small amount of research can help you avoid costly errors or even buyer's remorse.